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Whatever it takes. Is the motto of our Chiropractic team. Dr Alan Schaffel, with his  qualified assistants, will assess your pain and problem areas and work with you to help you Feel better, Function better & Be better!

At New England Chiropractic, our patients comes first. Whether it is welcoming you without appointments, speaking your language (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Cape Verdi, or Hebrew) or giving you braces, pillows & pain patches to increase your comfort. Dr Schaffel looks at you as a whole person listening to your whole life situation.  This allows us to make the best recommendations for your wellness.


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    We at New England Chiropractic know that finding the right Doctor to seek treatment with is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we are always here to walk you through your needs, discuss treatment options and make you feel comfortable.

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    Dr. Alan Schaffel

    Dr Alan M. Schaffel


    Dr Schaffel has been in practice for over 25 years. He attended Logan Chiropractic school and integrates the Logan Intersegmental Traction into his practice. Dr Schaffel is up to date in the most current modalities.  He specializes in motor vehicle trauma as well as other trauma related injuries. His assessment , adjustment skills and welcoming personality make him the perfect combination of knowledge, action and warmth.  



    Queens College
    B.S. ???? , 1960???

    Logan Chiropractic school
    Doctor of Chiropractic, 1988????

    Methodologies and Practices

    • Diversified
    • Muscular simulation 
    • Ultrasound
    • Inter-segmental traction 
    • Activator